Legal Careers

Kicking Back a Bit and Proud of It

How to maintain a chipper attitude while doing boring work.

Working on a Tedious Project? Smile through the Slog

No matter how wonderful a client, or a supervisor, or a subject area, or whomever we are working for, or whatever we are working on, inevitably a project crosses our desks that devolves into a…

Overwhelmed by alligators or legal research? Here's what to do.

Time to Search the Legal Swamp

  Early in my career, managers used to talk about how it’s time to drain the swamp if you’re up to your neck in alligators. The statement never entirely made sense to me, but had…

Maximize the chance that someone will take your call.

The Art of the Cold Call

Who knew how often lawyers and support staff would have to make cold calls? No one told me about any of this in law school, but before I was even out I was desperately dialing…

Layoffs, downsizing, rightsizing, firings: Protect yourself no matter what, or who, your law firm cuts.

Where Will Your Job Be in Five Years? Two? Six Months?

Welcome to your layoff: The news that K&L Gates has dumped possibly hundreds of support staffers (as reported by Above the Law), or, in law firm parlance, made “adjustments for the good of the firm and its…

Sportswear as legal educator

Career Tip from a Tee Shirt

Seen on a tee-shirt in Key West: A good lawyer knows the law, but a great lawyer knows the judge! The tee shirt is right, and that’s a point that wasn’t sufficiently conveyed to me…

What the legal world needs more of: rapt storytellers with engaging, big personalities, who are charismatic, willing to go against the grain, and of course smart and good at what they do.

What Lawyers Can Learn from Tommy Boggs

The legal community suddenly lost one bright light—acclaimed lobbyist Thomas (Tommy) H. Boggs, Jr.—on a September day in 2014. Like or dislike his politics or his clients or his law firm management skills, but appreciate…

Do you know what your legal secretary is really saying to clients?

Is Your Legal Secretary Annoying Your Clients?

I have to marvel at the experience of a friend who is having his long-time lawyer for various personal matters draft a relatively basic will. Of course, the friend should have signed a will long…

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